January 27, 2008

Give this to Scientology

Print and give to every member of Scientology that you know the OT overview document.

The purpose of this blog is to help ANON with its fight against Scientology and to provide ideas and local support against Scientology.

We should attack the system from the inside and reduce the number of new members joining Scientology. The best way to do that is to educate the poor souls and give them insight into what it is that the church really wants them to believe, without personal and financial sacrifices to them.

Show a (beginning) member how ridiculous they are by giving them a printed summary of the
complete overview of the OT levels and a summary of OT level 3, the story of Xenu, in particular. Trying to convert higher level members (beyond OT 3) is extremely difficult. You can image that if somebody believes the story of Xenu, that they've already been severely brainwashed.

Download and print a full overview of the OT levels from:

Summary of OT Level 3, the story of Xenu


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